Godly Play

godly play downstairs
One the of brightest spots in Christian education today is the popularity of Godly Play,developed by Jerome W. Berryman in the 1990s. Godly Play welcomes the child into a dedicated space where he or she can “play with God.” Godly Play lets children learn scripture and stories through creative play, inviting them to make a “journey of discovery for their personal theological meaning rather than memorizing concepts that others have discovered.”.

Godly Play engages a variety of senses, which helps children experience God’s story not only visually and orally but through touch, movement and even smell. In today’s world of overstimulation and overscheduling, both children and adults are eager for a chance to slow down, quiet themselves and absorb the wonder of God’s presence.

Pictures taken in both of our Godly Play classrooms.


Bucks for Bricks

sponsored by the Tuesday Morning Ladies. On March 22 you are invited to have lunch with us in the church hall following worship service. Menu of soup, roll and dessert for the cost of a donation which will go to fix the bricks on the bell tower.


Holy Week

.holy week

You are invited to attend:
Maundy Thursday Service, April 2 at 8pm
Palm Sunday Communion Service at 11am
Easter Morning Song and Prayer at 9am, followed by breakfast
Easter Celebration Worship Service at 11am

Book Study

The congregations of Saint Andrew’s and St. James Presbyterian Church are invited to a study of material entitled
‘Making Sense of the Bible” by Adam Hamilton.
Read the book during the month of March and gather for discussion Tuesday, April 14 at 7pm at St. James Church Hall, Hanwell Road.
All are invited. Facilitators are Reverend MacWilliams and Reverend Blaikie.

Valentine Flowers

The Tuesday Morning Ladies recently put together many bouquet’s and delivered them to Seniors.
This ministry was very much appreciated by Mrs. McMillin, Mrs. Flynn and all of the recipients.